Wednesday, 21 June 2017


Happy WOYWW  420 everyone   Here we are again this time with a lotta lotta sunshine... Yikes it is hot out there!!  Not complaining it's just I'm not used to it being so hot!!!

Well this is where we met to launch the worlds crafty desks each Wednesday over at the lovely JULIA  at Stampin -Ground... the queen of desks.... Pop over and see how it all works and join in the fun..

I'm still waiting for my Bias binding to finish my little heart project... but look what did come in the post for me... yesterday

I treated my self to some sewing dies by Debbie Shore and they were really a good price too

  I really love the square frames 6 metal dies and I have tired them out it cut through like butter on six layers of fabric... the cut is so clean.. love them...

 6 metal dies again hexagon shape cut beautifully
 stencils of the alphabet
  I metal die and one paper piece die in the set... applecore
 diamond   one metal die and one paper piece die... love it
I have treated my self to a couple of others so hurry up Mr Postie... plan to have lots of fun with these... I like her sewing videos on you tube as she explains it slowly & clearly... that's what I need....

So It just leaves me to Thank all you lovely bloggers for leaving me such beautiful comments last week...enjoy the sun while it lasts........ Keep Safe & Take Care all x x x x x x

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

WOYWW.... 419

Happy WOYWW to all, Thank you so much for my lovely comments last week on my sweet baby Grandchild.. I'm still working on the heart I am waiting from Mr Postie to deliver the Bias Binding I have ordered for it... I did buy a bias binding maker... but it's still in the packet I will need a play with it before using!!
As some of you know from my past on this wonderful get together at WOYWW I was a paper craft addict But now I am spending my time learning more about sewing so far I am really enjoying this wee journey... I took retirement from the NHS after forever as a Nursing sister I turned 60 a few months back... no pension as yet even though I have paid for the state pension for 42 years not allowed that one till I'm 66... anyway doing good on my NHS pension... that's why I went to spend more time with my family and have more time to play in my crafty space.... So this is on my wish list to get to grips with sewing... I like the idea of mini quilts to start with .. so wish me luck... so a few photos of my sewing crafty space...I sold most of my crafty bits to fund my new obsession... Hope I don't bore you all here is a peek at my desk etc

Hopefully the heart will be complete by next Wednesday  when the bias binding arrives
 Now this is my desk....I said desk I hope you are not looking at the hulk on my computer screen!!!! Well come on ladies and gents we all need to look at something when we are busy creating.... My husband just laughs he's got used to him I read lots of books for reading groups and he is used a lot on the covers so  harmless fun....
 another angle of the crafty space
 This bunch of doily's I have two drawers packed with them I have saved over the years I plan to make a keepsake book for my little Granddaughter soon  Washed and ready to go

 Some more stash either gifts or I have bought Shhhh behind those curtains I made to hide all those drawers they are full of fabrics our secret...
 The other side of the room were my iron is & wool etc..
 Behind the door we need every inch of space as you all know
 Across from the other shelf's and beside computer my DH put these up for me a long time ago
 my wool stash etc
 This little saying I tell my self every morning...Do you agree!!!
Well why is this crazy women showing her crafty space... It's all down to the queen of Desk our JULIA over at WOYWW... pop over all shall be revealed so join in and enjoy the visits to the worlds desks....

Thank you so much for your visit today...looking forward to see what you are up this week x x x x x

Wednesday, 7 June 2017



Hi Everyone,
I've made it back for another week long may it last I missed you all.. I want to Thank you all for the kind comments left last week on my return from being missing in action for so long... What a wonderful welcome Thanks & squishes x x x x

This week on my desk is a large heart template I got free from the internet as I want to make a mini wall hanging with a quilt type background for my new Granddaughter for her room.. never made one before just saw this idea on Pinterest.. 

that is a A4 piece of paper so the heart is large so I traced this onto some Vliesofix and added the assorted pink fabric never used Vliesofix before but I watched a video on You tube.....  I could not survive without it good old you tube has taught me so much
 after ironing in place and cutting to size and peeling it off hey presto... it's no way near finished but I hope to be working on it this week to get it ready for her room....
 and here she is the STAR of the show my Beautiful Granddaughter EVA  So now I am a proud Nanny to  two gorgeous Grandsons and a little Princess   I'm such a lucky lady

Well if anyone is wondering why I am rambling about what's on my desk it's all down to the lovely Julia just click HERE to find out what it's all about.. WOYWW  join in you will have a great time visiting crafty desks all over the world...

Thank you all for your visit Happy crafty week ahead for all x x x x x x

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Hi Everyone,
As you can see I've been missing in action for a long time where does the time go?
Far tooooooooo long my last post was August 2015... Yikes"""  I had shoulder surgery which took far too long to use again normally...  and then life gets in the way... So I thought its time to get back in to using my poor neglected blog.. and what better way to start back up than to join the lovely Julia over at  stamping -ground at the weekly WOYWW desk visits  I must confess I have not been doing much paper crafting these days I have switched more to knitting and sewing...not very good at them but practice makes perfect .
Well on my desk as you can see I made some VERY simple curtains that every craft room needs to hide a multitude of sins...oops I mean mess....  so here goes I hope this works okay especially with the links it's been so long since I've used it appears different... so forgive me if it has come out a bit wrong... Here's to visiting all your desks today and the future..

 My ugly mess I am trying to hide
 I think it looks a little better don't you
Well I got the photos to work that's a start... lets hope the links work...
I hope this finds you all well....keep safe all

Thursday, 20 August 2015


Hi Everyone,
 I thought I would share my beautiful Fabric Samplers for July & August 2015 I Love this swap at the end of the year we will have a banner to put together with each months sampler, The Lovely Linda has organized this swap over at A Swap for all seasons check out her blog and follow along x x x

This is my July swap that I received from the lovely Bev all the links to our blogs that take part are on the sidebar at Linda's blog link is above, I love it the colours are beautiful and I adore the pocket idea...The pocket was filled with goodies...
      Here are the goodies that were inside the pocket Thank you so much Bev I love it all..

Hi, This is my August swap from the lovely Sherry I adore the butterfly & fabulous flowers and the fabric she sent me is Beautiful I can't wait to have a play....Thank you so much Sherry x x x

Thank you both so much Bev & Sherry I can't wait to put together my banner for the year 2015 x x x

Well surgery all done and dusted on the shoulder just trying to move it again I know it takes time and I do feel I am getting there so thank you all for your kind words I really hope to be more active on my blog soon and Thanks for sticking with me....
Have a great day x x x x See you soon x x x x

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

My Fabric Sampler For June

Hi Everyone, I hope this finds you all well and enjoying sunny England at the moment it's so hot today....
I received my June fabric sampler from the lovely Sally you can find her blog HERE you don't want to miss having a peek....
Sally used a sewing theme for me which I just adore...Thank you Sally....
                                              Look at this Beautiful card & envelope....

                                                       Gorgeous Buttons....I love buttons...
                                                        My Fabulous fabric Sampler
                                                        I adore the sewing theme throughout
                                       Thank you so much Sally...Gorgeous work.
 I will treasure this always....

My surgery is planned for the 9th of July ...... YIKES...... So looking ahead I have made my swaps for 3 months as the Surgeon tells me the recover period is 3-5 I did not want to miss out on the amazing swap......I will post what I can using my left hand (lol)  Sorry I have not been around too much but I do have a look at your blogs even though I don't comment all the time...
Have a Happy week ahead all and enjoy this wonderful sunshine.....

Thank you so much for your visit....x x x x x

This swap is run by the lovely Linda over at A SWAP FOR ALL SEASONS

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Hello Everyone

Hi Everyone,
Today I have my May fabric sampler send to me by the Lovely Linda the fabulous lady who has the task of organizing all of us swappers... I adore it... the blues & the design is so Beautiful....and Linda  made a little Blue box filled with delicious Blue buttons...  you must check out her blog you can find Linda HERE
Thank you so much Linda I'm loving this swap x x x

It's so Beautiful don't you think...
Have a happy week ahead all x x x x x
Thank you for your visit x x x